Huawei P30 Pro’s New Firmware update is so cool!

Huawei P30 Pro will get another firmware update, content of the update includes Dual-View Camera Mode and AR Measure app.

What is Dual-View feature?
Dual-View can capture video with the main camera and the zoom camera at the same time. Cool, right!

Another new update for P30 Pro is AR Measure App.

What is AR Measure App?
It uses the fourth sensor of P30 Pro’s rear camera. Through this app, it can measure the length of lines, area of surfaces, the volume of the object, and even a person’s height. The app is even able to measure the height of multiple people in the frame. According to Huawei, the AR Measure app has a margin of error of only around 1%. How cool!

For now, these updates will be available in the India market first. Hopefully, in the next distribution of firmware updates, the PH market will be included. But no confirmation yet, always visit mydotwidgets to keep you posted.

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