Xiaomi Mi 9T Unboxing

Xiaomi Mi 9T was officially launched in Europe and it will be on the shelves the week after. It’s interesting to see what’s in the box of this beautiful device. Here’s the official unboxing video from Xiaomi team:

Some key takeaways from the unboxing video:

  • We think that the free case included more durable compared to other models.
  • An improved in-screen fingerprint sensor as described is a plus.
  • The pop selfie camera with panoramic functionality is not new but we hope the image quality will surpass the competition. By the way, the camera sensor is 20MP.
  • Type-C fast charging slot with a max of 18W power input.
  • 0.9CC large speaker box at the bottom.
  • Rear Camera: First camera has 8MP Telephoto lens, second camera is equipped with 48MP Ultra Clear Camera lens while third camera has UWA 13MP lens
  • Processor installed is the latest Snapdragon 730

With all the features mentioned in the video, this can be a flagship killer. We’re hoping that the price will be competitive in the PH market. Let’s wait and see, for now, will keep you posted once we got it in our hands for further review.


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