The leader in the High-End segment. Guess who?

As per the definition of Counterpoint Research, the premium market segment are smartphones with a $400 (Php 20,000+) price tag in retail. Apple is currently leading the segment with a 47% market share based on Global Premium Smartphone Shipment in Q1-2019. Though Apple’s year-on-year growth recorded a two-digit percentage (20%) growth, the factor of low shipment in China shows an effect in their current share.

Samsung takes a majority of the benefits now from the recent trade ban. Almost 25% of premium smartphones shipped in the first quarter of this year for Samsung, the majority are galaxy model series. The consumer tends to perceive that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is more budget-friendly compared to iPhone as per our source, which helps Samsung’s market share to rise in the premium segment.

Huawei’s acquired market share is a bit challenging due to the recent trade ban of the US as per the report, their current market share in the premium segment is 16% based on Counterpoint Research. Though the report happened in Q1 and the trade ban occurs by the start of Q2, we’re hoping that Huawei will continue to launch Android products and resolve the issue with Google the soonest.

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