Xiaomi Camera Error Issue and tips on defective newly purchased unit

Finding a new smartphone nowadays is easy, with more options now than before. Brands are offering competitive specs and prices in various segments and demographics. However, there is one smartphone that catches our attention, though it’s not a flagship model, we believe it has a good competitive advantage in the mid-range category.

I decided to buy Xiaomi Mi A3 in one of their newly opened concept store in Laguna. Just like a normal customer, before requesting a new stock, we explore the live demo first in the store. After a few minutes, a sales promoter approach us to assist. Since we’ve decided to buy a commercial unit for review before going to the store, it didn’t take a while for us to wait and proceed to the official retail in-store purchase procedure.

After the payment, following store S.O.P., the sales promoter proceed with quick unboxing to check if the unit is working well, check the physical appearance if there’s damage, check the camera if working, and check the completeness of default accessories (charger head, type-C cable, sim ejector, soft case, etc.,). The product demonstration of the Xiaomi Mi A3 went well, the unit is good to go.

The testing session:
On the first day of our normal testing usage, no problem was encountered on software, Android One 9.0 run smoothly as expected. The 4GB RAM does give justice to the built-in 128GB internal storage, we didn’t install a heavy graphics game yet, but we hope that the 4030 mAh battery can support the mid to long duration of playing. We also like the charging indicator that shows if it is Charging Slowly, Rapidly, or at a normal charging rate.

First Camera Error Message from Selfie Camera after Reset
Second Camera Error Message from Selfie Camera after Reset

Testing the camera in the Mi Store upon requesting for replacement

Camera Testing Issue:
Okay, this is the main interesting issue. After a series of test shots, we never expected to experience first-hand the rumored Mi Camera Error. In the unit that we purchased, the error occurs in the front camera. We thought, it can be resolved by restarting, but it didn’t work. Another option is hard reset, we take this option as well but no positive response on the problem.

Time to request for a replacement from the Mi Store?
Yes we did
So we went to the Mi Store in Laguna where we originally purchased the Xiaomi Mi A3, hoping that they will replace it with a new one since it’s still under the 7 days warranty. Unfortunately, their answer is No, they can’t replace it in the store even though it’s still covered by the 7 days warranty.

Why they can’t replace it in the store even it’s still under 7 days warranty?
The device needs to be checked by an authorized technician which they don’t have in the mall or within our city. The customer is required to go to SM Bicutan and bring the newly purchased defective unit for diagnostics and wait for the decision of the technician if the unit will be replaced. But the unit is 3 days old from the date of purchase!

Our suggestion to Mi Store customer service efficiency?
Xiaomi Mi Store is just within your reach and customer service efficiency should be also a top priority. Since there is an anticipation of increasing your sales reach through concept store, let’s not forget the comfort and service for your customers. Here’s our additional suggestion:

  • Since Mi Store have an in-store policy, in case the newly purchased unit has a defect (or defective), every Mi Store should have an in-house technician to checked and validate the issue.
  • In case the Mi Store doesn’t have an authorize technician within the store or mall. Customer shall be given correct timeline to receive the working replacement unit, if the device is under 7 days warranty
  • Mi Store should have an accessible DOP (Drop-off Point) if ASC (Authorized Service Center) is not available within the area. DOP should have a minimum of 500 meters to 1km from the Mi Store, for the service comfort of customers

Tips to customers of Mi Store before purchasing:

  • Ask the store promoter regarding the complete details of warranty coverage
  • Ask where is the nearest service center
  • In case the service center is far from the city you are currently residing in. Ask for the definite claiming timeline of repaired/replacement unit. We wanted to enjoy the benefits of our hard-earned money from the Xiaomi/Mi product that we purchased

What happen to our 3 days old newly purchased defective Mi A3?
We follow the store policy, fill up the service form and wait for the feedback. Unfortunately, the store can’t provide a definite timeline for when can we get a replacement.

I’m just one of Xiaomi and Redmi fans in the Philippines that just wanted to enjoy their good product offering in the market. We hope Xiaomi Mi Store will improve their service issue especially for the customers living outside Metro Manila.






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