Sync your Google Contacts to Huawei HMS Cloud

Syncing your contacts is essential; we highly depend on this. It’s even more critical than our phones when they get lost. Right? I know there are tons of contacts syncing apps available in the Play Store if you are using android or Apple Store if you are using an iPhone or iPad. But for me, the most convenient since I’ve been using GMS for such a long time, I highly depend on Google Contacts. Primarily because of the convenience brought to my everyday life based on my experience, it’s more versatile and convenient to sync. 

But what if you decided to switch to a Huawei Smartphone at one point in your life? And like me, you were also highly dependent on Google Contacts to sync your contacts to another phone, but because of the continuous ban facing now by Huawei in the US market, GMS is not available in all of the latest releases of Huawei smartphones. 

What does Huawei have to sync and manage your contacts?

Huawei has HMS Core, a mobile service framework. What does it do? It provides essential services, such as HUAWEI ID, payments, and Notifications for Huawei end users. When you visit the website, I will put the link below in the description below. It says here that users can log in to their HUAWEI ID on any device that has installed HMS Core to access services provided by Huawei, including AppGallery, Cloud, Wallet, and Health. Like Google, you need to create a Huawei account to have a Huawei ID. HMS core is built-in in all of the latest Huawei Smartphones and tablets; I’m not sure if this is the same with the Huawei MateBook lineup. MateBook is the Laptop model series of Huawei, by the way.

How to sync Google Contacts to Huawei HMS Smartphone or Tablet?

Now we know that Huawei can support us in syncing our beloved contacts to any Huawei Smartphones or Tablet. So let’s go to the process that I think is reliable.

Things we need to do

  1. Access your Google account from either laptop or desktop. I don’t recommend that you access it from a tablet. It’s also better to use the Google Chrome browser if you don’t have it installed. Try installing it first, then go back from the beginning before proceeding.
  2. Now go to
  3. See the nine dots located in the upper right corner? Click it, and it will show the different FREE services and privileges that Google provides.
  4. We don’t need to click all since we’re syncing contacts. However, you need to click the Contacts Icon. 
  5. You will land on the Contacts Support page. I don’t know what they call this page. I just made up the Contacts Support page.
  6. From here, click Export, located at the left panel menu. A pop-up menu will appear. There are two layers of information here. The first layer will provide the total number of contacts from your Google Account. The second layer will give the details of what type of file format to export.
  7. In this case, HMS can accept vCard. So we will tick this option. Then click Export. Wait for the pop-up to download the file. By default, it will go to your Downloads folder; in the case of Mac, I’m not sure with Windows.
  8. You need to copy the vCard file to an OTG external drive.
  9. Insert the OTG external drive containing the vCard file you imported from your Google Account Contacts.
  10. Copy the vCard file to your Huawei smartphone’s / internal storage.
  11. On your Huawei smartphone, look for the Contacts application by default. It’s located in the Tools folder.
  12. Once inside the Contacts Window, three dots are located in the top right corner. A menu will reveal; you then need to choose Settings.
  13. In the Settings, choose Import/Export. Then click Import from storage.
  14. A pop-up menu will appear, and if the vCard file were successfully copied into the internal storage, it would be in the list of options.

Alright. If you missed a step, you could check the video here for more guides. Thanks






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